Open positions:

There are currently no open positions. Please check back later.

In addition to individuals who come to Webster Enterprises for assessment and training, Webster Enterprises hires individuals from the community to work as standard industrial workers. The community-based philosophy of Webster Enterprises dictates that in addition to  providing assessment and work adjustment training, we give individuals who are preparing for competitive employment in the community the experience of working alongside individuals without identified disabilities. Consequently, when manufacturing demands are strong, Webster Enterprises hires individuals without identified disabilities. Standard production workers are expected to exhibit good work habits, comply with all rules and regulations of Webster Enterprises and provide a good role model for program participants.  Therefore, we refer to our standard production workers as “model employees.”

Webster Enterprises is also staffed with professionals in the Finance, Human Resources, Medical Devices, Program Services, Quality, and Sewing Divisions. All staff persons are committed to providing a positive, productive employment experience for everybody who works here.


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