Sewing Machine Operator

Job Title:  Sewing Machine Operator

Job Description: The Sewing Machine Operator is trained in and works with contract product components on a variety of disposable medical and non-medical devices produced through the utilization of specific product specifications in accordance with acceptable good manufacturing procedures as defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Summary of Position:  Hands on (direct labor) for production of manufactured or packaged goods.

Key Responsibilities: The duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Mounts attachments, such as needles, cutting blades, or pattern plates, and adjusts machine guides according to specifications.
  2. Monitors machine operation to detect problems, such as defective stitching, breaks in thread, or machine malfunction.
  3. Activates and adjusts machine controls to regulate stitching speed and length, dimensions of gathers and tucks, and material or thread tension.
  4. Activates sewing machine to join, gather, hem, reinforce, or decorate materials or fabricated articles.
  5. Positions materials through feed rollers and guides, or positions and maneuvers under sewing machine presser foot and needle during operation.
  6. Examines and measures finished articles to verify conformance to standards.
  7. Removes finished materials from sewing machine.
  8. Tapes or twists together thread or cord to repair breaks.
  9. Positions and marks patterns on materials to prepare for sewing.
  10. Replaces needles, sands rough areas of needles with sandpaper, and cleans and oils sewing machines to maintain equipment.
  11. Cuts materials, according to specifications, or cuts excess material or thread from finished product.
  12. Folds or fits together materials, such as cloth, foam rubber, or leather, to prepare for machine sewing.
  13. Selects supplies, such as binding, cord, or thread, according to specifications or color of material.
  14. Becomes knowledgeable of and familiar with Webster Enterprises’ Safety policies and Quality Policies and accepts responsibility for carrying out said policies on a daily basis as an ever present duty of employment.
  15. Works at industry standard production rate.

Reports To:   Sewing Supervisor

Supervises:  N/A

Education:     High school education or equivalent or experience.

Requirements: Include, but are not limited to:

Ability to function in a normal industrial setting; ability to comprehend operational line procedures; ability to follow instructions, directions, policies and procedures of the company; Due to the nature of the products produced, personal hygiene rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times.

Reasonable accommodations will be determined and applied on an individual basis according to the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act.


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