Administrative Assistant – Receptionist

Job Title: Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Purpose: The Administrative Assistant/Receptionist is responsible for secretarial and office management support of the Management Team and Webster Enterprises.

Key Responsibilities:   Duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Welcome visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answer or refer inquiries. Direct visitors, vendors, and delivery drivers as needed.
  2. Maintain security by following procedures.
  3. Pick up daily USPS mail and distribute it accordingly and accept responsibility for all outgoing mail.
  4. Perform clerical duties such as data entry, filing, and other office duties as required.
  5. Coordinate purchase of and maintain inventory of office supplies.
  6. Comply with HIPAA regulations and confidentiality requirements when handling personnel information.
  7. Maintain an inventory of new employee packets.
  8. Give applications received to HR Director.
  9. Enter pre-coded Accounts Payable vouchers into the system.
  10. Prepare all incoming checks for deposit.
  11. Enter time sheets for all production employees into the system.
  12. Maintain accessible files for payroll timesheet accountability and storage.
  13. Become knowledgeable of and familiar with Webster Enterprises’ Safety and Quality policies and procedures and accept responsibility for carrying out said procedures on a daily basis as an ever-present duty of employment.

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Supervises: N/A

Education: High School education, or equivalent.  Prefer at least a 2-year degree in Office Management or Business or comparable experience. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office.

Reasonable accommodations will be determined and applied on an individual basis according to the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act.

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